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 updated: August 22, 2005

Dances for Universal Peace:

North American Network for the Dances for Universal Peace

Find Dances near you in the USA


Dance-related Organizations/Information:

ONEness Project

Dance Schedules in southwest/central USA

Audio and Photos from Wilderness Camp 2000

Audio and Photos from Wilderness Camp 2002

Pictures of Murshid Samuel Lewis, founder of the Dances


Susan's Favorites:

Music for Healing and Transition

Russian EcoVillage Grishino

Olam Magazine

Prayer and Chanting

Krishna Das  

Gayatri Mantra ... Sai Baba

Unity in Spirit -- non-denominational fellowship in Durango


Web Sites of other Dancers:

          Bowl of Saki ... wonderful daily inspirational messages by Hazrat Inayat Khan, the grandfather of the Dances

Wahiduddin Richard Shelquist ... songs, dances, poetry, Inayat Khan info

Dave Nur-al-Haqq Walker

Murad Sayen

Jennifer Stock