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Welcome to the Durango, Colorado Dances of Universal Peace. Please come to dance and sing with us as we celebrate the joy of oneness of all people and explore the Divine Mystery.

No experience necessary; the only requirement is an open heart.

This music and dancing is to increase Joy, not awe toward another person, but bliss in our own self.  This is finding God within, through experience.

   ~Samuel L. Lewis (founder of the Dances)

The Dances of Universal Peace began over 30 years ago in San Francisco as a way to connect people with the spirit of God in themselves and in each other using simple music, movements, words and sacred phrases from many spiritual traditions.

Long called "Sufi Dancing", the Dances have continued to grow and expand throughout the world as a way to bring people together.

Everyone is welcome; participation, not performance, is the focus. Dances are done in a circle with the Dance leader and musicians in the center. Each dance is taught as we go.





Recent changes to the web pages:

Updates on Mar 1, 2002 - 
  - Updated dance schedules  page.

Updates on Aug 16, 2001 - 
 - Added pictures from Russian Solstice Camp to the Photo/Sound Albums page.

Updates on Aug 13, 2001 - 
 - Added two new sound clips to the Song Lyrics page, including Susan singing in Russian.
 - Added dance movements for Clouds on the Song Lyrics page.