I love the Labrador Retriever and have been breeding Labradors since 1975.

Goals: My goal is to breed beautiful, sound, smart, trainable, good natured, happy, well adjusted, and conformationally correct Labradors who will make fabulous family pets. In addition, I breed Labradors for search and rescue, obedience competition, show competition, gun dogs, therapy, and service dogs for the handicapped. It is my desire, above all else (ie; whether or not they are going to compete for a title), that they are loved, enjoyed, and appreciated by the family they live with and are an integral part of the family.

Environment: Every puppy that I breed is born and hand raised in my home with tender loving care and lots of socialization from birth until they go to their new home. We love them, hug them, play with them, give them toys, play fetch with them, and introduce them to pheasant wings. They are fed very nutritious puppy food, wormed on schedule, and given their first immunizations. They are very healthy, happy puppies.

Temperament Testing: I also do temperament testing. Most Labradors have great temperaments. They really are naturally well adjusted dogs. However, some puppies are a little more independent and some are a little more dependent, some have a little more energy and others are a little more laid back, some could care less about noises and some care a little more, some want to fetch and carry everything in their mouths and some not so much, some won't let you leave their sight and some are ok if you go to the bathroom by yourself. So as you can see, even though labs are generally in the middle of the road for most things they will have certain tendencies. I try to find out as much as I can about our puppies temperament and what the family wants so that everyone is happy. What I want the most for my puppies is they are with the right family and that they are loved and taken care of. That they have a wonderful life with a family who thinks they are the "best dog in the world" and couldn't find another one like them.

Color and Sex: I breed black, yellow, and chocolate Labradors. As far as temperament, color doesn't matter. They are all wonderful dogs. I also have both females and males. Both sexes make wonderful family dogs. Both are very loving and enjoy being with their families. They love to be hugged and loved on. They enjoy children and people in general. They are both very happy, tail wagging dogs and enjoy going places. The boys are typically larger and can be very silly - they are such clowns. They like to play. The girls are typically a little smaller. They are not quite as silly as the boys but are still very playful. I enjoy both the males and the females. My first lab was a male. He was a wonderful family dog who could hunt and compete in both the Breed Ring and in obedience. He earned his Championship in the Breed Ring, his CD and CDX in the Obedience Ring, and his WC in the field. He was also an excellent hunter. It is because of him I became a Labrador Retriever Breeder and have filled and shared my life with many wonderful male and female black, yellow and chocolate colored Labrador Retrievers.

Soundness: All of my adult breeding Labradors have been tested and cleared for soundness. They have good hips, shoulders, and eyes. I only breed sound dogs. My goal is that all of my puppies are physically sound. My desire is to foster healthy, happy puppies.



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