A nice compliment sent to me on Febuary 23, 2009

Hi Beth,

We purchased Amanzi (Sailin Waters So Far Away) from you almost 3 years ago. She is a black puppy from your March 21, 2006 litter. Your husband was ill at the time we picked her up, and I believe you felt like you might travel and rest from breeding dogs for a while. I have checked your website off and on since we got Amanzi just to see if you had started breeding again and to see how you and your dogs are.

I am happy to see you are breeding again and I just want to tell you what a great dog Amanzi is. She is a wonderful family dog, a great big sis to our new French Bulldog puppy, and a productive and skillful hunter for my husband. she has retieved around 100 ducks, many dove, and helped to flush pheasant and quail. We love Amanzi very much and are so happy we found such a responsible breeeder with high quality dogs to get her from. My husband is quite obsessed with our Amanzi girl. She is around 60 pounds, and we love it that she is a smaller lab.

I have attached some pics so you can see her all grown up. Thanks for our most wonderful dog. She is very loved and has a good life. We will keep checking your website to see your new pups.

Tricia and David Chace



A nice compliment sent to me on August 30, 2005


Just writing to give you an update on Bayfield. He is now two years old. What a wonderful soul. I can't thank you enough for allowing us the opportunity to have one of your Labs in our home. His gentleness and loyalty is beyond approach.

I lost a brother 12 years ago. My parents were devastated to say the least. I have never boarded Bayfield with anyone. The closest I came to doing this was when I had him trained for one week, but even then I took the trouble of waking up early every day and taking him and leaving work early to go pick him up in the afternoon. My parents recently started taking care of him when my family and I were out of town. Bayfield has breathed new life into them and has given them a reason to actually stay home and take days off from their jobs when he is at their home.

My wife now insists that Bayfield sleep with us on our bed every night. Of course, Bayfield happily indulges her every night.

You were right when you told me that investing time in his rearing early on would make all the difference. It has. I urge you to compel all owners of your wonderful Labs to sign off on agreeing to spend at a minimum 6 months of actively rearing their Labs.

I am attaching a few photos for your enjoyment of Bayfield's first years in no particular order. Enjoy.

By the way, don't be surprised if I contact you in the near future for another Lab. Either my mom or I (both) will be wanting another Lab.

Robert W. Rodriquez



A nice compliment sent to me on April 13, 2005. Thank you Lisa!

Hell Beth,

We purchased an A.J. and Hope puppy from you a year ago. He is a yellow male we named River. He is absolutely wonderful and we love him. We were so excited to see Hope's picture on your web site. We are so pleased with our River. He has really become one of the family. We get so many compliments on how beautiful he is. Glad to see your still having litters. We hope to someday purchase another quality lab from Sailin Labs.

Lisa Royer

Alamogordo, NM


A nice compliment sent to me on March 4, 2004. Thank you Tricia!


Hi Beth,

I always think to write and let you know how much we absolutely adore our puppy we got from you almost 5 years ago! That is so hard to believe. You must wonder sometimes how your little guys and girls do in life and so I am finally getting around to filling you in!

We got Jett from you in 1999. I believe he came form Eve's first litter? (3 boys, the little girl died?) Anyway, he has always been an awesome dog ( ok the first year was trying at times!). He is beautiful, looks like your champions only he's best at just being a buddy. I'm pretty sure his picture is still on your web site (Eve's puppy 1999). He is as loyal as can be. In fact, I walk him in the mountains and open space around where we live and he has never needed to be on a leash. He is so attached to me that even if he takes off chasing a rabbit, he quickly senses when he's too far away (about 200 yard) and comes bouncing back! Of course, he follows me all over the house too so I'm constantly running into him, stepping over him, etc!

My 7 year old likes to hit baseballs off a tee in the yard. He has Jett trained to retrieve the balls and bring them back to his pile! He has a constant supply to practice his swing! He loves all people so we take him on a lot of trips with us and he's even pretty good in hotels. He especially loves other dogs and has a nice group of friends at the park. When we do have to put him in the kennel, he always participates in the doggy day care program, so he spends his days in the big yard with the other dogs and only the nights in his kennel alone. He is definitely not big on being alone!! Fortunately, we also have a lovely Siamese cat so he always has a buddy when at home alone. Otis (the cat) adores Jett and wants to be snuggling with him all the time!

Well, I hope you enjoy knowing how happy Jett is with us and we with him! I've been meaning to do this for a long time. It would be great fun to have another lab, but unfortunately our cup is a little full right now with our 3 active kids, one dog and one cat! I'm glad you are still breeding and showing your terrific dogs.


Tricia Cooper


Below is a nice compliment sent to me on February 29, 2004. Thank you "The Crimi Family"


Dear Beth,

I am thrilled to have found your web page! We own Sailin's Sir General's Honor. General came form Dolly and Blue (1993).

I can not begin to tell you what a wonderful dog General is. He is so loving, with a great temperament , and very very easy to train. Over the last 10 years I have often said General would have been a great show dog or excellent hunter. He loves to be trained and responds to commands with such joy and loyalty. General has a presence about him that attracts kids and adults. He has always been the center of attention whether we are out of the house or entertaining in our home. He is very protective of our daughters who he loved the minute we brought each one home from the hospital. General had his 1 minute of fame when he appeared in a television commercial of KOFY TV 20 (now the WB). He is a huge part of our entire family and loved by all who meet him.

In the Summer of 2003 General had two tumors that turned out to be mass cell tumors. Thanks to our vet, General had a successful operation with a full recovery. The next few years with General will definitely be treasured as we know he is getting on in age. Thanks to Sailin Labs for the wonderful dogs. We love your dogs and will definitely purchase another lab from you in the future.

The Crimi Family,

Ralph, Lisa, Emily, Madelynn, and General, too.

Pleasanton, Ca.

"General" at Muir Beach in 2003 with one of his family members


Below is a nice compliment sent to me on January 8th, 2000. Thank you Sherri!


Dear Beth,

I love your website. A handful of years back I met you at the Reno show.

I was showing a black bitch out of Casey. Her name is "Appollos Midnight

Raven." I bred her once and then spayed her. In her only litter I CO-owned

a bitch and then received a puppy bitch back as a replacement for Raven.

She is so beautiful. Her name is Cassie. Her very first show from the 9-12mo

class she went Best Of Winners for 2 points. Two weekends later she took a

Reserve. I can't wait until winter is over so I can show some more. Right

now I'm training her for her JH. I wanted to thank you for starting these

lines. The temperament is the best anyone can ask for. It follows down

through the generations. The trainability is awesome. I'm sending you

Cassie's winning picture because I'm so proud of her.


Take Care,


Sherri Dressler



Below is a nice compliment sent to me via e-mail February 8th, 2000. Thank You Theresa!

Dear Sailin Labs:


I just had to write to tell you how great your webpage

is and how beautiful your dogs are!!!


What a killer picture to show Titan in the front!! I

met Susan Eberhardt about the time Titan was

born!! He sure looks like is dad. What a handsome



Your girls sure are pretty too!! I am partial to the

yellow girls and I especially like the pictures with

your grandchildren. I bet they have a lot of fun

with the puppies.


I have a 4 yr.old spayed female and have been

thinking about getting a second dog and wondering

if I should venture into the show ring. I see how

much fun Susan and others have and even the dogs

smile about it. I was able to watch Westminster this

year for the first time.


Anyway.... what lovely dogs you have.


Best regards,


Theresa M. McIntire


Thank you to the Lawrence family (below). I am so happy "Tucker" had such a wonderful family.

 Dear Beth:


We purchased a descendent of your Bruiser in 1989 when you were in Modesto.

We named our dog Tucker. We just lost him this past april to cancer. I just

wanted you to know he was/is the most wonderful, even tempered awesome dog.

We miss him so much.


Thank you for the many years of enjoyment we had with him.


The Lawrence family.

Danville, CA



What a beautiful picture of Alex and "Revel" below. Revel is gorgeous, and Alex looks very proud! Thank you Paula for the lovely compliment.


Dear Beth and Art,

I was looking at your "current Litter" Poppy x Coal I had never seen Coal he

is beautiful!

Are all of those puppies spoken for?

I loved the black female w/ the lavender collar.

I think so much of our "Revel" that I might be interested in another .

Please let me know if there are any that are not spoken for.

I hope you were able to download the picture of Alex and Revel , He is so

outstanding looking and he has a wonderful personality. I could go on for

ever about him.

Thank you,

Sincerely , Paula Platt

Revel and Alex

This was his second time out. He is truly a natural retriever. He is not

quite one year old and he is awesome!


Thank you for picking us out such a wonderful dog. We all love him.





Paula and Alex Platt


Picture of Alex is attached.



Thank you so much Cindy! I appreciate the great compliments and I am so happy that you are enjoying the "Sailin" Labradors as much as I am.

Beth - This is Cindy Garrett - was Gibson. Who had Supermac - from Betty Sanders, years back! Awesome to find your website on the internet! And such a marvelous job you have done with the site! I'm also delighted to see that you are still breeding and promoting your line! As I have always felt, and still do today, there are no Labradors like the Sailin Labs!!!


In the years that have passed since you and I have lost contact, of course Max has crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" to his reward, and I'm sure it's an awesome reward, as he certainly earned a every gold star any labrador ever deserved!


BTW - I just did a search for you on ICQ and did find that you are on there and sent you a request to add me!


Anyway, there is still a Max son here on the ranch, he is neutered now and owned by my landlord - again another marvelous labrador which attests to the consistently produced marvelous temperament of the Sailin Dogs!


I have just acquired a lovely little black 9 week old bitch from Patty Dunlavey. She is a daughter of Heidi, who is out of Sailin's Porsche Turbo Meyer X Bruiser (I think that's right - his call name) Ch Sailin's Proud Dimension. Heidi was bred to Janrod's Chasing a Dream, who is out of Janneka Way's Sunny Side Up X Ch Raintree Slippery When Wet JH.


This little 9 week pup is a delight already, and quickly has reminded me of all the joy and ease of trainability that the Sailin Line has to offer! As well as the consistent stunning conformation that has always come from your Sailin Labradors! I couldn't be any more pleased!


Just wanted to tell you that I'm so glad that I am able to recontact you via the internet, and to say that even after ALL these years, I've never known any Labradors that can come close to touching the greatness that the Sailin Labradors have to offer!


Oh, one more thing!!! GREAT website!!





Congratulations Margie!


Since this was my first high combined, hopefully not the

last I had a picture taken. It came out pretty good so

I am sending it along.




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